Tutorial how to mod apk in Android phone (without root)

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Hello guys today i am going to show you how to make mod apk game by yourself in android phone. Its is very easy and simple no need of root and PC. Just follow my steps you will be able to modify the app.

If you are facing any problem let me Know in the comments down below.

31 thoughts

31 thoughts

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  1. i cant find resource file

  2. When you did the typing the stuff about 90000 well mine was in Chinese so help!!!

  3. Can i use it on toram?

  4. Can we create ebooks with this method?

  5. Subscribing u only 4 this video..

  6. How am I suppose to find the resource?

  7. So this wouldn't work on csr2 or Tap Sports baseball I'm guessing

  8. What can I do if the text is encrypted do you have an decrypt app!????

  9. Perry Jr said:

    Copy right strike

  10. I TTT said:

    Zip signer link please!!

  11. I use this method but there is .lua in every file it seems you need to decode it,

  12. Does it work on head ball 2 because I tried it and it doesn't work

  13. who else tilted their phone?

  14. Fasalu O said:

    Zipsinger not see in play store

  15. Please tell how to hack dr driving

  16. Num Ratz said:

    How to find the recourse

  17. DBS Fan said:

    Bro , there music in this video is copyrighted/Copyright Free

  18. HeroBoy said:

    I don't find the resources of Jokesphone can you help me pls?

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