TEA-TV update! Adult APK how to install on your fire tv

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In this episode i will show you how to install a TeaTv update 8.5r with working adult section directly on your firestick.
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link to add to downloader is


The code to the APK Market it


#amazon #terrarium #hack #firetv #xxx

34 thoughts

34 thoughts

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  1. Your filelink isnt allowing me to download

  2. Your filelinked code does NOT work

  3. Joe Rod said:

    went to your filelink store it isn't there, only teatv 9.4, do you have two stores, and yes its your store, its totally different than the one on your video, have a nice day, i'm out

  4. Jeff H said:

    How do I get the playlist?

  5. On TV left button it's shown no Playlist

  6. The chef wizard 17.6 not available as u shown in your previous video

  7. Hey dan when I open the tv icon there is nothing there! Any idea why thanks

  8. I didn't found the chef wizard 17.6

  9. Are all your videos only for fire stick ? What about android users

  10. No Playlist is selected message after hitting TV

  11. In not getting no kind of listings under the " tv" says no playlist. Is selected. What can I do

  12. The download provided to me was 8.7 it doesn't have any channels under the TV and when I try to import them from teaTV it doesn't do anything.
    Any chance you could help?

  13. They must have changed this nothing under live tv

  14. Straight said:

    As everyone else is saying NO ADULT SECTION glad i didn't use your code to download.

  15. Disable ‘safe mode’ in the settings

  16. u need too up date this video i see they tea tv took adult section off

  17. No adult channels
    just two sports channels

  18. John Cox said:

    Followed your instructions ..theres no adult section???only 2 sports channels

  19. I do not see any adult channels on the tea tv, that I have, I went into the settings and turn it on, and check none, I turn it off none.

  20. hello sir… i need to ask you a question when i watch a t.v show i can't go back and watch it again

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