New MOD apk Pixel Gun 3D hack 16.5.1 (Free shopping, unlimited coins and gems)

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Welcome, please open description:

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If any song’s or game’s owner want this video removed make sure to contact me on this email [email protected] and I will answer in 24 hours

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43 thoughts

43 thoughts

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  1. The game isn't letting me play online why is that?

  2. When I buy something it kicks me out and then I don't get what I buy plzz help me

  3. [ Riyu ] said:

    Question…. How can we save data and move back to the original pg3d

  4. funny how you avoid the guns bc you know it will kick you to lobby

  5. I can’t play online can you help me?

  6. Wow! Congrats on your first 1k:)

  7. Wow it's really work thx dude i subscribe

  8. Guys,If you are sending hate,I have another method,Do the same as the video,Then,get the weapons YOU want, change the obb to com.pixelgun3d1,delete the hacked version and download the one from google play store.Then,After the download is complete,delete the obb that was from the google play and rename the hacked obb, com.pixelgun3d, and then go in,bamm it works,Thanks dood

  9. twistyy said:

    im on iphone so this wouldnt work for me

  10. Guy Im Smart First Dowload The Regular Vesion not apk Es flie of Zachiver Rename it com.plxel3d1 then Delete and Remove 1 and Download apk Have Fun

  11. I find a new hack on pg3d

  12. Fantastic. Now show an online gameplay where you're higher than lvl 3

  13. We need permission to allow the application to write to external storage for downloading main resources archive


  14. Best hack ever I see boiiiii

  15. Rynic said:

    Check your Instagram Bro I have a nice Deal for you to earn a lot of money

  16. Gimhani said:

    I did this and nothing happened 😕😑

  17. Congrats on 1000 Subs bro I’m happy for u 😄
    Btw can I get a shoutout plzzzz

  18. Clipz said:

    Lit video! May i use it on my channel ill give full credit to u

  19. To me i can do things thatnyou can also when i buy stuff it reloads and nothing works

  20. fun fact
    he copy other people mod and write that mod created by himself
    sorry for you epik…and my bad english

  21. But team building need money,are you crack ? can i free buy it?

  22. You're saying I need permission what I do

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