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Looking for the most fun, challenging and addicting battles on mobile? Kingdom Revenge – The ultimate realtime strategy battle offline is for you. In this game you can build units, mine gold, research technology to grow your battle strategy.
Having challenging and fun anywhere! Mine gold, build army, and attack the enemy, get back the land, expand and conquer the lands.
Kingdom Revenge – Ultimate Realtime Strategy Battle allow you to control your army in formations or play each unit, you have total control of every units.
Strategy Battle is totally up to the your best strategy to win!
This a funny cartoon design, with stunning effect that will make you feel very excited to play.
Real time funny strategy game for you, build your own empire, train your troops, be great leader conquer all the lands.
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4 thoughts

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  1. Dude that game is copyright and stick war legacy 3 is actually the order empire and only on PC you can get it

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