Install Bixby APK Samsung S8 Virtual Assistant on Any Samsung Phone

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Install Bixby APK virtual assistant on any Samsung Android device running on ANdroid Nougat 7.0. Bixby APK is ported from S8 and S8+ which you can use to control Any Samsung Android device with your Voice. No need to touch. You can install it on Samsung S7, S6, S6 Edge or any samsung running Android 7.0 Nougat.

Download S8 Launcher :
Download Bixby APK :
For complete Guide and more Tutorials :

Source: XDA


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31 thoughts

31 thoughts

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  1. I tried to install those 2 files but they wouldn't install

  2. Can u make video of installing bixby voice assistance as many of them made video of installing hello bixby

  3. Don't get me wrong, but I just can't listen to your accent man…..

  4. the touchwiz home wont install I have a galaxy note 5

  5. Dilshan said:

    Touch wiz is installed successfully but bixby not it says the file have the same name… pls help me

  6. When Bixby voice assistant will be updated in india? Can any one please tell me about that? Any dates ?

  7. this is fake, it only works on s7 or s7 edge

  8. I tired to install bixby on my A5 2016 nougat…but it didn't work and it says conflict with the same package with existing name or something…

  9. im not able to install s8 touchwiz on my su edge do you have any solution
    it happened after the security update

  10. Akla said:

    please help me, when i Install the Launcher i open it and it says it has stopped working…

  11. Galaxy s7 Edge, My home screen lags when going back to home screen, lags when switching apps. Froze once so far, had to reboot. Not dogging the idea, just stating. Was unable to un install bixby and s8 launcher, so I had to restore. : (

  12. Manoj Kc said:

    where is camera feature?

  13. Plz let me know abt s8 launcher

  14. plz help me I have a s7 edge n its showing the same error that the people are talking abt but i want the launcher very badly

  15. worst liar dont say in any samsung phone its not working in Marshmallow its work only in s7

  16. it says there was a problem parsing the package

  17. bc its only bixby page not working lol…..stupid

  18. There is no Bixby button it means that this application is useless

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