How to play Rocket League on Android Phone with apk!

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How to play Rocket League on Android Phone with apk! Sir Luis showing you guys how to play rocket league on your android phone. You guys know I don’t waste your time and I honestly think this game is fun and it has no lag and bugs despite simple menu and gameplay but its still in beta and should be out global in the next month for android. The link for the apk is below if you guys wanna get this game early. Ill prob bring more gameplay too 🙂

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Sir Luis
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29 thoughts

29 thoughts

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  1. < competitive rocket league player over 1000 hours on rocket league can confirm this is a steaming pile of crap that should not exist sad so many comments that think it's real. Also you can recommend a game when you have played 2 total games ever. I don't want to be toxic but I'm sorry you need a slap your kinda a idoit

  2. This is not close to rocket league in anything but concept the fact that you suggest it's similar means you have 2 hours or less on rocket league

  3. tc.shawn said:

    Is it multiplayer

  4. tc.shawn said:

    Why did it download a flash browser? :/

  5. Robert L said:

    This isn't rocket league…

  6. Awesome vid! Game is AMAZING!!!

  7. FLUME. said:

    nice like 🙂

  8. sir Luis plese if cinou is your friend please say to cinou reavel his face

  9. And you just earned a sub

  10. I checked out your channel

  11. YusufMG said:

    Nice i never knew there was a mobile rocket league game. Good video

  12. Cinou said:

    Oh That's Amazing!
    I Play this game a lot on my PC and i'd Love To Play it On My Phone Thx bro ^_^

  13. love rocket league. this game is just like it and its on the phone. im going to download it

  14. Dayiz said:

    u r back on track going good! do u know me ? just rewind my name lol

  15. xFyn said:

    why is your audio? delayed? Vid..and almost my Favorite Youtuber.haha…Ur close tho..xD keep it up Bro

  16. bro awesome im gettin it right now

  17. Hey I'm early 🙂 cool vid

  18. i like it but i hate the car design

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