How to install APK on Amazon Fire Stick

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How to install APK on Amazon Fire Stick using your computer.
Link for adbLink:
Download Mobdro APK:


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21 thoughts

21 thoughts

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  1. p Perez said:

    works 100% thanks for this
    save my life

  2. I get a message that says: "Can't connect to (and shows my IP address)… I am trying to do a remote set up for a friend, do the Laptop and Fire TV need to be in the same wifi? Is this what is going on?

  3. well rip me i don't have a pc >:(((

  4. Basically this allows you to remotely set up someone elses device.. say a elderly parent you just got a device for and they live hundreds of miles away… This is one of the most valuable How To's possibly made for this genre… This video is alot more valuable than people realize… Thank you soo much,…

  5. Nice.good instructions successful installation you might need to use the serial number of the fire stick if the serial number doesn't work

  6. What can I do if when connecting using ADBLink I get an error that states that my device is unauthorized?

  7. lynda said:

    Simple to use, works great thanks

  8. Super it works 1000 Thanks From Holland xxx

  9. Thank u so much there is no option to likes this video 1M times πŸ™‚

  10. and with this method how can i install downloader apk on my fire stick becuase its doesn't appear πŸ™

  11. Not very clear vedio is blurr and out of focus and voice just stop and they continue to click

  12. My connection status shows unauthorised. Any help?

  13. How much time it takes to install apk on fire stick ? For me it’s been running for more than hr. Plz advice

  14. My God here I was struggling for last couple of days with my new fire stick and Bam it is done. Robots are better than humans πŸ™‚ Thanks pal.

  15. Thanks a lot. It works +++++

  16. Works fine on HELLRAISER iptv

  17. My ADB is running and not installing. I tried what you suggested before, but did not work. Do you have any suggestions?

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