How to install .apk files in bluestack from already downloaded files.

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Hello world !!
Today I’m going to show u how to install a .apk file without using the google play store or u can say from a already downloaded .apk file to your bluestack… 🙂
So at first what u have to do just download a .apk file as I did already.. That music player file.. So now lets see how to install it to ur bluestack..
Now go to bluestack then right click it and open propertise and click open file location..
Or you can simply serach from the C drive and program files like this..

now from that folder search HD-ApkHandler folder..
Now right click to HD-ApkHandler folder and send it to desktop.
Now just DRAG your .apk file to that folder..
You can see it’s installing
it’s already installed ..

So hope you like this video..:)
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32 thoughts

32 thoughts

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  1. I dont have a blue stacks folder

  2. An jali said:

    Thank u and also how to do with obb files

  3. i have no sound on my games app..on bluetooth..already increse the voice up to maximum but sill not working..please help me

  4. Hey bro when I m installing any file with BlueStacks…like PPSSPP and zarchiver it install but when install filecomes on screen and I click it for open then again it open with BlueStacks what's this why this happen …plz bro solve this

  5. next time open bluestack drag your apk in it , that it

  6. mate that was perfect, still relevant even today

  7. i cannot download pubg in nox error code 3 is coming

  8. Kix G said:

    My grandma types faster than you

  9. Thanks a BILLION TIMES. damn been searching fr x3 hours staright

  10. thank you for the tutorial, but it really took you a century to get to the main point, and that's annoying.

  11. Oh, dear heavens! I'm growing old as I sit here trying to struggle through your typing. You might very well have something valuable to say, but I can't stand the "journey". Get a mic, record your voice, get to the meat of the message. And, don't show yourself doing a google search. I'm dying here.

  12. thank you, still working in Sep 2017 version

  13. can u help me with this thing i was downloading the Magic s1 or s2 whatever is it and then i was using BlueStack and then i click my app and bluestack said installing apk….. i get the app in the Google! its bluestack apk handler idk whats that mean so when i download it. Its slow then it said i cant download the app wtf i want to get that app :/

  14. templerun 2 notinstall

  15. not working i drag the file to hd apkhandler .. nothing happen

  16. You took three minutes to type that whole thing.

  17. Listen bro your channel deserves subs man i subbed to you with the right advertising you can make it big your the ONLY Ytbr that made a proper video

  18. thanks so much out of like 9999 videos yours was the only one that actually worked cheers that gets a like 😉

  19. It says bluestack apk handler stopped working!!!!!!!!! pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Bro,which recorder are you using?

  21. if you make a video like this
    1. use a mic if you dont have one then already have what ever it was your explaining typed out and between 0:011:15 you didn't need to type any of that out. everyone watching the video already knows generally what the video is about otherwise they wouldn't be watching it.

    2. dont use music like this or just dont use music at all.

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