Free Fire 1.39.5 Mod Apk | v35_2019 | BIPOD AIM+++ | Accuracy+++ | AutoAim+++ (Recommended Guns)

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Free Fire New Version
1:-First Extract Obb File
2:-Copy 2 Android/Obb And Save
3:-Now Download Or Install Mod Apk
4:-Enjoy Your Mod Now.

Full Credits:- AHD OFFICIAL

🔻Works In Rank/Classic
🔻Slow Down Enemies Attack
🔻Less HeadShots From Enemies
🔻AutoAim+++ & Bipod (Forgrip Weak)
🔻Accuracy+++ & Bipod(Forgrip Weak)
🔻Damage+++ & Bipod(Forgrip Weak)
🔻FireRate+++ & Bipod(Forgrip Weak)
🔻Use Bipod While Running, Walking, Crouching or Prone To Reduce Much Recoil & Spread For All Guns
🔻M4a1 AutoAim80% While Shooting And Using Red Dot (Fire & Leave)
🔻Stuck Aim On Cars 70% (But Weak For Famas)
🔻MP40 damage70% + 30% FireRate
🔻M1014 HeadShots 45% + 15% FireRate
🔻Red Dot HeadShots Within Every 3-4 Bullets Increased
🔻P90 Aim + 65% Damage
🔻Vest Armour 70%
🔻Less Damage Inside Shrink
🔻Ak47 Bipod Special Aim + Accuracy
🔻To Reduce Much Recoil Crouch & Stand Or Stand & Crouch While Shooting
🔻Spas Accuracy 35% + FireRate 20%
🔻Scar AutoAim 25% & Accuracy 65%
🔻Famas Damage 45% & Aim30%
🔻Full Antiban Supported

:-Download This Apk + Obb File And Run..

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♣Install Telegram App Link

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🌲Step 2 Download (Watcideo)

Mod APK LINK(On Telegram Channel)📁
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Mod Apk 📁 (Download Now)

Obb 📁File (Must Download To Fix Blackscreen)

☔ Enjoy ☔

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29 thoughts

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  1. Use Bipod Instead Of Forgrip

  2. Hot-Sex said:


  3. I have two questions I hope you answers ?
    1_is it possible for you to make antenna mod or auto fire mod ?
    2_ can you add wall hack stone with pink boddy and night mod next time ?!
    With my greatest applications for your hard work it takes time for coding and uncoding 😘

  4. Do I use the pink mod for normal players or only 1 or 2 players Sir ?

  5. muna tmg said:

    Bro I have question for you
    Can you make a Mod unlimited gold & diamond????

  6. muna tmg said:

    Please make anti band & damage +++++ 50% more HP

  7. muna tmg said:

    please add 50 percent more HP

  8. Hey bro tell me is it safe to change server by using vpn? With main account?

  9. Please make mod pro sensitivity but auto aim and aim lock normal

  10. Which mod is better for mp40 this mod or v24 ?

  11. Madhu Kc said:

    Bro auto headshot sensitivity plssss❤❤❤

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