Free Fire 1.39.4 Mod Apk | Ak47 Less Recoil | Rank Games | Less Tress | Damage++ | Aimbot | Antiban

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🔺Works In Classic/Rank
🔺Pink Bodies
🔺Lag Fixed
🔺More HeadShots Chances
🔺10 Out Of 12 Bullets Hit
🔺Use Biopd While Running
🔺Use Bipod Instead Of Forgrip Level 3 🔺Use Bipod For Less Recoil
🔺Use Bipod While Moving / Walking 🔺Use Bipod While Sitting/Standing 🔺Ak47 Less Recoil/Spray (BIPOD) 🔺M4a1 Less Recoil/Spray (BIPOD) 🔺MP40 Damage++ AutoAim (Bipod) 🔺AutoAim Works
🔺Range++ 🔺Aimbot
🔺High AimAssists
🔺HeadShots Aim Improved
🔺ShotGun M1014 Maximum Damage++ 🔺Bag Capacity 40%
🔺Less Damage Inside Shrink
🔺Vest Armour 60%
🔺Facebook/Vk Login Works
🔺Full AntiBan
🔺Much More


INSTALLATION STEPS :-Download This Apk + Obb File And Run..

⛔You Need To Install Telegram App To Get My Link There Because Of New YouTube Policy I Can’t Post My Link Here It Will Get Auto Remove By YouTube⛔

♣Install Telegram App Link…

➡️Join My Telegram Channel Link


(🍄Install Vpn If Telegram Is Not Opening For Your Country…)

🌲Step 2 Download (Watch Video)

Mod APK LINK(On Telegram Channel)📁 Don’t Put Dislike For This Link.. Because I Can’t Post Link Here Because Of New Policy..

👉 Mod Apk 📁Fixed (Download Now)

👉(Apk+Obb) :

👉Obb 📁File (Must Download To Fix Blackscreen)

☔ Enjoy ☔


Dear Game Developers, Please do not issue a “Copyright Strike” against the channel as it affects my channel and all my previous work. If I uploaded a video that is affecting you and you want it remove, then please just contact me and I will remove the video ASAP. Email : [email protected]

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  1. Guys This Is Fully Antiban You Just need to clear your data after 1 game you will be safe

  2. I also join your telegram please do an full video of download

  3. Like mano brother apk top

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