Free Fire 1.38.3 Mod Apk | v22_2019 | Blue Roads | Broken Trees | Blue Towers & Wood Houses |

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Free Fire Credits Goes To Its Owner ZivGame And AHD OFFICIAL (AutoAim)
1:-First Extract Obb File
2:-Copy 2 Android/Obb And Save
3:-Now Download Or Install Mod Apk
4:-Enjoy Your Mod Now.

▶Blue Houses
▶No Grass
▶Purgatory Rank (Go Thorough Towers)
▶Also Use Cars To Hide
▶Black Windows
▶Broken Tress (See Easily) (Hide Too)
▶Pink Bodies Radius Increased Much Dark
▶Play 40-50 GAME NON-STOP (24 HOURS)
▶No Ban Before 12 Am (100%)
▶Delete Before 12 Am And Install Official Game To Avoid Ban
▶100% Guaranty Of Full AntiBan Follow All Tips Of Mine
▶Pink Bodies Added Back
▶Pink Colour Removed From Guns Skin
▶Hide In Big Stone And Towers (Near Peak)
▶No Elimination In Stones
▶P90 Damage+
▶UMP Accuracy+
▶Fixed Black Screen
▶Updated Obb And Latest Version
▶Facebook Login Fixed
▶Pings Drop Fixed
▶Cheat Detection Removed
▶Bugs Fixed
▶Stable Aim For Scar On Cars
▶No Scope Aim On Cars For M4A1
▶Stuck Fire With Ak47 On Cars
▶Lag Fixed For 1-2Gb Ram Devices
▶Support HD Graphics Without Bug
▶Scar Damage++ & AutoAim++
▶Famas Damage+
▶M1014 Damage+ BodyAim
▶Body Vest Armour Increased For Rank
▶MP40 Damage++ In Rank
▶Less Damage OutSide Shrink Zone
▶M4A1 AutoAim++
▶M4A1 PreFire++
▶Use 2x Scope For AutoAim (But Don’t Zoom In And Zoom Out)
▶Dragunov Super Aim (No Scope)
▶Use Default Mode (Only) (For All Guns)
▶Precise Scope For HeadShots (Only Smg Guns Not Ar Guns)
▶Solo/Duo/Squad All Works
▶Ak-47 Less Recoil (Must Sit Down)
▶Ak-47 Less Spray (Must Sit Down)
▶Ak-47 Direct Hit (Sit Or Lay Down)
▶Ak-47 Additional Damage+
▶Ak-47 Bipod Mode (Coming Soon Hit While Running Or Walking)
▶Rank Full Work (Almost Heroic)
▶Top Up Rank Easily
▶Ultra Aim Mode
▶Brutal Head Aim
▶Bermuda + Purgatory Both Maps
▶Damage Mode In Rank
▶No Scope Aim In Rank
▶HeadShots Upto 60%
▶AutoAim Also Added In Rank(Fire & Leave)
▶MP40 Damage+HeadAim Up to 60%
▶Brutal Damage Mode
▶Less Spray
▶Works In All Classic
▶Slow Down Enemies Attack
▶Freeze Enemies Attack
▶Less Damage OutSide SafeZone
▶Supports Vk/Fb
▶Less Recoil
▶Less Spread
:-Download This Apk + Obb File And Run..

⛔You Need To Install Telegram App To Get My Link There Because Of New YouTube Policy I Can’t Post My Link Here It Will Get Auto Remove By YouTube⛔

♣Install Telegram App Link

➡️Join My Telegram Channel Link

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🌲Step 2 Download (Watch Video)

Mod APK LINK(On Telegram Channel)📁
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Mod Apk 📁Fixed (Download Now)

Obb 📁File (Must Download To Fix Blackscreen) or Use Only Title Obb.

☔ Enjoy ☔

Dear Game Developers,
Please do not issue a “Copyright Strike” against the channel as it affects my channel and all my previous work. If I uploaded a video that is affecting you and you want it removed, then please just contact me and I will remove the video ASAP. Email : [email protected]

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