FORTNITE APK on any Android Smartphone! How to Install + Gameplay!!!

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How to Download and Install Fortnite Android APK on any Android Smartphone. Epic Games just released Fortnite along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and you can install it on your phone also.

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[UPDATE – 27 Oct 2018] Download Link –

[Update 18-08-2018] New APK (NOTE 9 SPOOF] –!Ut5FxYyK!k1MiwbT62VhWgpZP3o66W7kxGkoNaMnyOnJTSrFPGWk

New APK [SPOOF Note 9 + Saftey Net Disable] –!J0xHSQ7S!8YXybXPqh4ucuI9g9XZFJ5Xxs6XaifG48L3bJrcL1gA

New APK [SPOOF WITH GPU Check Disable] –!R9gjjaRB!VwuRRXPwcrxn9Ju7kIukk-r-XV4Q6PnwC9rU9xOan1w


Source: XDA:

Use GLTool to bypass GPU error

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24 thoughts

24 thoughts

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  1. Guys Check the Description, New APK files are now live. Thanks to Quinny899!

  2. Sanh Nha said:

    Does it work on Infinix S2 Pro?

  3. Cody said:

    It says app not installed when I try to download I'm on Moto g6 play

  4. Pls I have one question Huawei p smart 2019 is smart phone?

  5. Please you can show us 2019 season 8 update???

  6. USDD said:

    I Have A Alcatel 7 Phone And It's Says "App Not Install".

  7. Game Go said:

    On my J4 plus that not instaled

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