FNAF Mobile Cheat Mode Unlocked Apk (latest link)

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This is five nights at freddy’s with cheat mode unlocked and every plushie 
It is an apk
Download link:

This works on any device that can run fnaf.

Comment if it works 🙂

49 thoughts

49 thoughts

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  1. Jam Jam said:

    Fnaf 2 Please With Infinite Flash Light

  2. I cant belive that it dosent work in samsung anymore!😔😔😔

  3. Stop Giving Mod Links I will Ban all Mods


  5. Do custom night do this steps for golden freddy jumpsacre:freddy 1, bonnie 9, chica 8 and foxy is 10

  6. Don't works the game says fnaf has stoped!! 👎👎💩😾😑😬😈

  7. Elektro said:

    Does it work for ios

  8. It did say that
    So don't download it doesn't work!

  9. Didn't work for me says unfortunately FNAF has stopped

  10. No One said:

    Doesn't work

  11. Does it runs a virus in your tablet/phone?

  12. St3v3LP said:

    i cant use this cheat Version

  13. Lucric said:

    do you need fnaf for this?

  14. if you have two stars, go to the custom night and set 20/20/20/20. So you need to win to have 3 stars

  15. antecion — despues de pasar todas las noches pongan en el custon nigth esto"1987

  16. Eu nao consigo abrir que filho da puta ,eu tava na noite 5

  17. alex said:

    don't work ffs

  18. alex said:

    don't work ffs

  19. such a great way to expreiment without being disturbed… earned a like and subscrub

  20. Ze Spy said:

    it keeps saying five nights at freddy's has stopped

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