Cunt Wars [2019] Cheat Menu APK V 1.46 Update ! FREE (GODNESS CARD SUMMONING – PVP CHESTS – VIP)

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New Cheat Menu here

Hack info :

No Bug in Tutorial
You can active and deactivate any of :

Infinite gold.
Infinite gems
New Full Vip 20 Active inject the vip 20 to your acc for 100 days
you will get all vip option in your acc even if you install the normal apk
Free All PVP chests
Auto fight
Free card summon
God Mode
Weak Enemy
Free Sacrifice
Event Hack
New Unlock all Buildings in map
unlock chest slot to 5
unlock the 3 Avatars in army


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we are still working on other Versions for Cunt Wars !

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Play Cunt Wars Hack on PC EASY

[18+] Booty Calls – VER. 1.0.49 Free Shopping MOD APK

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[18+] Attack On Moe H – VER. 3.6.0 Unlimited (Gold – Tickets) MOD APK

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[18+] Pocket Waifu – VER. 1.32.1 Infinite Coins MOD APK

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(18+) Crystal Maidens – VER. 1.0.8 Auto Win MOD APK

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[18+] Holiday Island – VER. Full APK

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Download (18+) LitGear-X – VER. 1.0.27 Weak Enemy MOD APK

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[18+] Fap CEO – VER. 0.958 Unlimited (Coins – Gems) MOD APK

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[18+] Pocket Fantasy – VER. 1.1.1 (Weak Enemies – Unlocked) MOD APK

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[18+] Planes of Eros – VER. 1.7.8 Unlimited (Coins – Gems) MOD APK

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(18+) Foxynite – VER. 1.3.1 Weak Enemy MOD APK

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22 thoughts

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  1. Medió curiosidad ay tanto por elegir.aaaaa esta noche me lo voy a descargar 7w7
    Frase original:aaaa esta noche me voy a manosear 7w7

  2. Quando ativo eu so banido direto oque faço eu ativo o (MOD 1, MOD 2, E O MOD 3) ai o jogo me acusa de cheater e não me deixa jogar pode me ajuda a resolver isso ou manda o link pra min baixar um que não de ban?

  3. Usiel 771 said:

    Qe pendejo "Doname"

  4. free version is working ?

  5. Ok guys you have to click the free link then After the adfly u will get a site, reshearch "cunt Wars" in this site and u will have lots of free mods

  6. free one doesn't work extremely money hungry guy…

  7. Ne Mestro said:

    how safe it is? Were there any infos bout people caught?

  8. Ou mada 2 links diretos pra baxa 1 poket fantasy 2 avião de eros?

  9. Hi I'm from Brazil

    I'm interested in MOD APK CUNTWARS, is it working?

    Can you send me a $ 15 charge for my email?

  10. Chiki GHB said:

    dude thank you, my account in the browser could work ?

  11. Jum said:

    como eu faço pra conseguir o vip ta muito bom ?

  12. nub said:

    tem que paga essa porra fdp

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