Cinema HD APK Not Working – Quick Fix

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Cinema HD APK not working tutorial.

This will fix the server error that many people are seeing in Cinema HD APK.

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48 thoughts

48 thoughts

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  1. Thanks Troy
    My RealDebrid streams won’t play. On the link line it says [ Need resolve] which I don’t believe it has been showing earlier, any fixes, thanks

  2. Cinema stop working a few weeks ago and with this quick fix I’ll like to say thank you everything works great!

  3. jess said:

    Cinema is not playing in english. Can someone help me change this to English

  4. AK Queen said:

    Thank you so much 😉

  5. Henry c said:

    Adding onto my last comment. Can I use the same method to install cyberflix and titanium ?

  6. Henry c said:

    I just finished watching a movie. I really like how Cinema works.

  7. Henry c said:

    Thank you for helping me get Cinema rolling again I think it's one of the best apps out there

  8. Thank you for the update. I was going nuts trying to figure this out.

  9. DJKEESEE said:

    Hey my cinema apk keeps wanting to update; after the 2.07 update its says cannot find app see library for update or to locate the app. Please help I uninstalled and reinstalled using ur instructions, but still the same thing. Any ideas??

  10. THE VIBE said:

    Thanks a million your the man your more than worth the subscription 👌🏿👌🏿

  11. Not working says. The installed version can not be opened

  12. Mine won’t get passed latest update: just keeps going back to update without a decline button. New version is terrible

  13. Didn't work for me either, just loads the v2 not the 1.4.2

  14. This did not work for me still get the sad face

  15. When I go to your link no apk downloads, I get directed to your webpage. I don't see a working link on the webpage, just more tutorials.

  16. Hi There said:

    Hi can you help me whenever I want to watch a show it says something about migrating idk

  17. tlc505 said:

    You’re the ducking best! Thank you so much!!

  18. Hello everyone. I used the download function in the Cinema app, but don’t know how to actually play the download. Do I use a different app or can I play the download within the Cinema app?? I’ve got the 4K fire stick. Thanks.

  19. Do you have an app that will block ads on cinema when logged into real debrid?

  20. It still won't work for me. Just keeps doing the loading circle and no streams show up

  21. Troypoint, I'm in desperate need of help. So, my Cinema app is working, everything comes up when I search, movies and shows, but I am having issues. I can't get a single show to show any streams. It keeps loading looking for the episodes to stream. Even episodes I know recently worked that I've already seen. The movies will show streams available and do work, but every single stream is buffering like crazy (the lower quality ones usually don't for me). I uninstalled the one I had and re installed with your link and it's still doing it. I can watch a movie that buffers constantly, but still won't load a single stream for a show episode. It just keeps loading and loading trying to find a stream. This is driving me crazy and I feel like I've tried everything. I've used this app on the Firestick for nearly a year and never had problems. Not sure if it's the recent update or what, but I can't seem to find a tutorial specifically for my problem and was hoping you would know what to do.

  22. good stuff thanks for the quick fix!!

  23. TROYPOINT…mine is saying connecting but taking to long, should I hit cancel or what?

  24. Al X said:

    Some shows I try to watch won’t find any streams for me to watch help please?

  25. @troypoint..what if its working but constant buffering?

  26. Just set up a new 24" Fire TV for my mom, and I followed your instructions as far as your "Jail Breaking" and side loading technique… My question is after Loading Movie Box Red (Movie Play Red) (Which works on all of my other Fire TV devices and TV's) will not work on this on.. It seems that after setting up the TV .. Amazon did a Software/ Firmware update and when I try to open Movie Box red.. I get a message that there is an UPDATE .. and when you click on that.. it steels you this is not available on this server…. when I open the same App on a Fire TV Dongle or my other 24" Fire TV I have no problem… Loads and populates as it should.. .. Any Ideas? Thanks in advance…

  27. My man, you fixed it, I was getting the blank "cinema" screen that just kept saying the server was undergoing maintenance, but I used your in video link and it's working perfectly fine now, thank you so much🙏

  28. I know all Cause my channel is a solution but idk This Cinema HD

  29. Mine is not working and it’s been crazy like Terranium and Cyber is not working either !!! Love your tutorial

  30. Hi Troy I use this and also cyberflix on cyberflix a lot of the sourses have Spanish subtitles any way of turning them off thanks

  31. is there a way to add Spanish subtitles for the movies?

  32. bambi aj said:

    My fire stick won’t load streams

  33. Not offering streams just you tube teaser trailers

  34. I have a tablet, cinemahd used to work no problem. I've installed; & uninstalled I don' t know how many times, and I even did a factory reset, and nothing I do gets me to the new version; your tutorial went too fast; so WTF am I to do to get it to install and work on the tablet? Watching GOT on a teeny weeny phone sucks,

  35. What settings do I need to have bc zive downloaded this 3 times only to have the same problem. It will not not pull tries to load links but nothing shows up

  36. Tv show subtitle not working….any tips how its fix??

  37. My cinema apk works for movies but won't even bring up TV shows to pick from or even search? Any ideas? By the way it did work up until about 3 weeks ago.

  38. My fire stick is saying connect to WiFi but not connected to the internet how do I fix that problem ?

  39. Very helpful, thank you! Fixed mine 😊 Thank you for the info!

  40. How come all the shows arnt working??

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